We are operation in the Free Economic zone at the Riga Seaport.

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Riga Free Port (rus)
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Operational Characteristics


Uriekstes Str. 9.
Riga, LV-1005. Latvia

Phone: +371 67322945
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Riga Sea Port  (Baltic Port)
Riga Sea Port
Riga Sea Port  (Baltic Port)

The tugboats “Santa” and “Stella” are among the most up-to-date and high-powered in the Baltic Sea region. Built at the Riga Shipyard in 2008. “Santa” and “Stella” are ice class tugboats with azimuthal rear drive; they are able to break 70 centimetre thick ice; traction in mooring condition is at least 60 tons; the total engine capacity - 5000 hp. The tugboats are equipped with “Rolls – Royce” screws and water-cannon devices.


The tugboats are equipped with modern navigation and radio communication facilities; comprehensive and efficient fire fighting equipment to be used for fire extinguishing both at sea and ashore; floating boom technology for localisation of oil products and elimination works in emergency situations, including ice breaking in the mouth of the Daugava River and the Port territory.


While performing routine operations - servicing of vessels, the tugboats use modern navigation and and communication facilities; their crews comprise high-class professionals who have a good knowledge of the Riga Port aquatorium fairways and their peculiarities.

Riga Sea Port  (Baltic Port)Riga Sea PortRiga Sea Port  (Baltic Port)

Address: Uriekstes 9, Riga, Latvija, LV-1005

Phone (tug services): +371 29532985

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