We are operation in the Free Economic zone at the Riga Seaport.

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About us
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Uriekstes Str. 9.
Riga, LV-1005. Latvia

Phone: +371 67322945
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Riga Sea PortRiga Sea PortRiga Sea Port  (Baltic Port)

is one of the leading dry cargo terminals at the Riga Free Port.

STREK Ltd. was established in 1991 combining the ideas, visions, and funds of the founders from three countries - Latvia, Russia and France.

The project design was made by the LENMORNIIPROEKT institute and already by the end of 1991 the company BALTMORGIDROSTROI started development of the berths. A powerful complex for transhipment of Vorkuta coal witch an annual turnover of 1.5 million tons per year was created.

Officially we were registered in the Enterprises Registry of the Republic of Latvia on 14 November 1991. In 1992 we started to operate the first stage of our coal terminal. The annual turnover of cargo handling in 1992 - 1993 reached 9000 000 t. During the short period of 1991 - 1993 we created the basis for out future development.

Several years passes, the situation changed and coal started to disapper for our terminals, but our willingness to do business remained the same. The port has to be loaded, but which type of cargo to attract? And we made a step forward, new powerful technology appeared, open storage areas for storing of coal were covered witch the concrete stabs, new access roads were build, additional transformer sub-stations and lighting masts.

Starting from 1994 we have adjusted coal terminal and have already now a real possibility to receive, store and handle not only coal, although we still hope for its return on our berths, but also pig iron, coce, timber and other types of cargo.

Infrastructure enabliing efficient operations and meeting international standarts is created.

Director General
M. Ganev


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